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Introducing ContactPlus, a communication management system that centralizes all of your business's communication paths into a single, consolidated online application. Connect with your clients using texts, emails, and voice calls, all directly through the intuitive ContactPlus interface. Syncing with our integrated online calendar, appointment reminders can be sent automatically using any communication path, while maintaining the ability to converse with your clients whenever required. Additionally, you can build customized web forms using the templating tools provided by ContactPlus, and distribute them to your clients with ease.

ContactPlus is designed as an open communication system, which means anyone in your business can have the ability to view all details and stored communication records for each client. Since all new and archived data is integrated into one central location, the information accessed by all users of the system is guaranteed to be correct and up to date. This eliminates the possibility of any miscommunication between both clients and staff.

Experience the convenience and reliability of a fully consolidated, customizable, and interactive communication system with ContactPlus!

  • Texting: Communicate directly with your clients with 2-way texting provided through the ContactPlus interface
  • Emailing: Send and receive emails with your own dedicated email address provided by ContactPlus
  • Voice Calling: Create automated, but natural sounding, recordings for appointment bookings and reminders with your own customized messages. Easily configure any of your office devices, including your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, to directly communicate with your clients through ContactPlus
  • Web Forms: Build web forms and send them to your clients or office staff to gather important information for your business. Web form links can be sent directly through text and email
  • Faxing: Use a dedicated fax number for 2-way communication. All faxes are automatically generated as a PDF and saved within ContactPlus
  • More features:
    • User interface is fully dynamic and can be properly viewed on any device
    • Customizable templates can be used to design your own outgoing messages
    • All correspondence is archived for future reference
    • All communication within the ContactPlus interface is fully encrypted to provide security and confidentiality
    • Reports from the system are encrypted and password protected and generated as a PDF
    • Exporting information is encrypted and password protected, and can be viewed using any spreadsheet software

What Clients Say about ContactPlus

It is a tremendous time saver! It frees up at least an hour a day in just confirming appointments.

Sue, Office Administrator

Arkona Dental Clinic

It is very reliable. Questions are answered within minutes. Technical support is quick and on the money

Sherri, Office Administrator

Strathroy Dental Centre

They continue to add features to make it even more beneficial to our needs. I can't imagine working without this system.

Terry. Office Manager

Fifth Avenue Dental

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Textuall Messaging Systems Inc. is a Canadian Company that specializes in creating a medium for direct communication to your clients.

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