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Until now, there has never been an elegant solution to convert the numerous digital documents used within the business environment to the wider web space. Our application PublishPlus provides such a solution. Using our software, we can take virtually any document and create a web ready publication that will be automatically formatted for any device, whether it be a desktop, tablet or a smartphone.


  • Direct Conversion - our application can take numerous digital documents and convert them directly into the web format, with the result maintaining an identical appearance to the originals
  • Dynamic Links - we can create or maintain any links within a given online publication. For example, if there is a web link in the original document it can easily be transposed onto the new online document
  • Embed a Video - Links need not be limited to text or a site redirection. We can also embed a linked video directly into the publication for increased utility and a greater interactive experience
  • Stand Alone - the final result of PublishPlus is a stand-alone publication, and as such it just needs to be posted on the web to access it
  • Encrypted Hosting - Security can not be understated. If you need hosting for your documents, we can create a sub domain on your behalf and ensure your data is fully encrypted and ready for use at anytime


We have been in the web and print industry for over 20 years. During that time, our staff has continued to gain experience and build the infrastructure necessary to support their work. This means we can offer all of the standard professional services for developing any documents you may need! Some of the perks of this service include the talent of several incredible Graphic Designers that are fully capable of producing any document that you would want. Furthermore, we even have a Direct Marketing Specialist in house should you desire a consultation, even if it's just for a quick second opinion on a new logo design.

Determining Pricing:

  • Initial Prep Work - to begin, we open your existing digital document, examine it, and make sure that it will work properly in the web environment. We have a set standard price for this, however there is an additional charge if we have to manually adapt the document for the preparation work
  • Per Page - we have a consistent standard price per page. This takes a given page and converts it into a proper web page publication that can be viewed online by any web-enabled device
  • Adding to the Document - there are many different features that you can add to the existing document such as embedded video, active web links on any part of the page, or even navigation links. Due to how much customization is involved with this process, the pricing is specifically quoted for the needs of each customer
  • Initial Creation of Document - in accordance with normal graphic design work, we would have to look at the scope of the project. From there, we can give you a quote based on what you desire for that project
  • Web Hosting - currently we use a generic domain to which we can attach a dedicated subdomain. This subdomain is used for the landing pages of your publication. The data connection is encrypted and can be password protected for further security. With these features the hosting platform will incur a standardized fee per month

Working Samples:

PublishPlus Menu Web Publication

PublishPlus Magazine Web Publication

PublishPlus Magazine Web Publication

What Clients Say about PublishPlus?

The Online Publication has created another revenue source for us. The Quality is Great!. Textuall makes sure it is done right.

Our published items suit its Purpose Perfectly, we have published digital online catalogues for a number of years with success.

All of our customers love the turning page publications and how it helps promote their businesses better.


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