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ContactPlus Questions

It depends on what the customer needs. We provide managed communication paths for text, email, web forms, voice, and fax. All communications are contained within the system and can be controlled through a connected device capable of using a web interface. ContactPlus is also configured as an open communication system, so all admin staff can see all the communications that run through it. All direct contact to your clients or office staff make use of dedicated services, which can include: a text phone number (you can use your business's main number), an email address, a landing web site for web form data, a voice phone number, and a fax number. Finally, we also have the capability to integrate ContactPlus into existing inhouse networked database(s) for more effective usage.

Here at Textuall, we will work with you very closely to ensure you have all the tools you need for your business, with nothing that you don't need. We are not going to oversell anything.If your communication system needs grow, we have you covered. That said, virtually all parameters are customizable, allowing us to provide the best value for you.

Because of all the customization that happens within the system and the different needs of each customer, the price can vary considerably. We will work with your business to determine a fair price for the services you are requesting.

Simply, this unique system covers all modes of communication. In the right business environment, it will guarantee that your business can communicate professionally with more clients in timely manner. With ContactPlus, your business will be more organized, and the time it will save will help improve your bottom line.

EventPlus Questions

There are two popularly recognized online event and webinar platforms: Adobe Connect and Join Me. We manage and support both platforms. We have already purchased the licences for them so you can come to us to set up an online event at any time. Furthermore we can help manage the setup and support you through the entire presentation as needed.

There are two structures for an online event. First is the Adobe Connect Platform. This platform has a higher setup cost and a charge per hour while the meeting is active, there are also phone usage charges that are variable. The second structure is the Join Me Platform. This platform starts with a lower setup cost, and a lower charge per hour for the event; furthermore, there are no charges for voice conferencing.

It is all about what our customer needs. Adobe Connect has been around for a number of years and has many built in tools to make the online event interactive in different ways, for example: active surveys during the presentation. There is a soft limit of 100 participants for the meeting but it can be adjusted upwards as necessary. This is what we call the flagship for online events and can handle just about anything we can throw at it. It is priced higher because of these features. Join Me is a newer platform but is growing with features and can be used for up to 50 participants. Thus, pricing is lower for the Join Me. Regardless, both have recording functions that will record the entire online presentation including any voice communication.

We believe it compliments our flagship system ContactPlus. It allows our clients another outlet to perform various tasks that can now be supplemented through the creation of an online environment capable of connecting multiple groups of people. In short, ContactPlus gets the word out to your clients, and EventPlus brings your clients together in one place without leaving their own business or personal setting.

PublishPlus Questions

Using propriety software, we can take virtually any document and create a web-ready publication. This online publication will automatically be formatted for HTML5 and can be displayed on all HTML5 enabled devices, whether it is a desktop or a smartphone. Some examples for the uses of PublishPlus could be to create a more immersive training document, or to take a printed magazine and convert it precisely for the web environment allowing for extended coverage.

It is usually a straight forward process to convert a document to a web publication. There are, however, a number of options that can be added to the publication such as web links, videos, images, a shopping cart, or simply navigation within the publication itself. There is a standard charge for opening and preparing a source document for web publication, then there is a set charge per page for conversion.

Any Word Processor Document, Presentation Slides, Spreadsheet, or formatted PDF file can utilize PublishPlus. This usually means we can easily have any normal business digital document web-ready for you.

Because the publication itself is self-contained, you have two choices. First, we can place the files under a sub domain name of digpages.ca, for which we charge a monthly fee. The traffic to this site is encrypted as with normal business sites. Second, you can take the files that we produce and place them onto any web hosting platform of your choice.

Support Questions

You can live chat, text, call, or email us. Please see our Contact Us page for details.

We are confident in our services and offer a 99.99% year-round time guarantee. In the rare event that the level of service falls below this standard, we will offer a percentage off on the next billing cycle. We are dedicated to our customers, and we are committed to providing you with the best service possible

All of our staff are well versed in the services we provide. More than likely, you will be talking to the senior technical or sales staff. We are fully capable of providing you with any support you may require.

All of our server and network equipment is owned and managed by us. It is located in a data centre in London, Ontario. This means that our physical equipment is protected and secured in a network operations centre on the backbone of the internet. We also have direct high-speed connection to the internet and a network access up time service of 99.9999%.

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